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<JediKirby> No, he wasn't banned, JediGandalf
<JediKirby> He was logged in AFTER you reported the ban
<JediGandalf> I swear I typed in CoolMatty and hit "ok" or whatever the hell it is.
<Jon`C> isn't it Cool Matty on the forums? with a space?
<JediGandalf> -_-
<JediGandalf> And the dumbass aWard goes to...JediGandalf!

<Jim7> 8 @Wolfy 1948 "Jim7, I will topple the U.S. government and declare the world yours, that Hell is
<Jim7> on Earth, if SoaD does not win the aWard."
* TheBoss wants a Kedri lovedoll
<Jim7> im still waiting for Wolfy to finish toppling the government
<TheBoss> heh
<TheBoss> its quite simple. To make a gopvernment ineffectice
<TheBoss> send in an intern
*** Debaser has quit IRC (Quit: No, I'm not Jesus, but I have the same initials.)
* Gonkish topples governments constantly

<SN-Leveling> try eating penutbutter while riding a unicyle on a tightwire whil juggling cacuses and sing "yankee doodle" backWards

<Brad> i eat ebola biscuits daily
<Brad> ask for them by brand name at your local grocery shop
<Brad> <awkWard silence>
<zeet> ... i think i need a bigger heatsink/fan for my processor

<RoAch> Yes! My tattoo started peeling, this is my favorite part. Nothing like peeling off large chunks of colored tissue!
<TheBoss> Hooray!
<TheBoss> Do you eat it afterWards
<Wang> depends on the colour
<RoAch> no, I glue it to paper and mail to to needy children
<tofu> poor needy children
<TheBoss> That is so thoughtful
<TheBoss> You are a hero

<ekiM> I need to make a backWards nick changer now
<ekiM> GAH
<ekiM> HAG
<niuqelle]-[> ...
<ekiM> ...taht was ydobon
<ekiM> uoy nab ll'I niaga pu ti gnirb uoy fi

<kak> I had some one for dinner....and had some smeirnoff stuff afterWards

<S51> "Every game has it's own reWard for multiple kills: In Q3 it's 'Excellent', in UT it's 'Monster Kill', and in CS it's 'Kicked by console'."

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