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* FroggyP is now known as HotMatty
<HotMatty> i am the contramatty
* Cool_Outlaw_Torn is now known as LukeWarmMatty
<LukeWarmMatty> I'm just about room temperature.
<HotMatty> this is the story of three matty's
<HotMatty> one matt was too hot
<HotMatty> the other was too cold
<HotMatty> but one was just right
<LukeWarmMatty> heh.
<HotMatty> he got gobbled down
<LukeWarmMatty> ewww.
<HotMatty> but by who?
<JediGandalf> o_O
<HistoryGuy`CSS> Matty clones should be resulted in kickban
<HotMatty> by goldykaks
<LukeWarmMatty> rofl
<HotMatty> goldykaks ate the three matty's
* HotMatty is now known as FroggyP
<FroggyP> and my story is over
* ChanServ sets mode: -q kak
* LukeWarmMatty is now known as Outlaw_Torn
* ChanServ sets mode: +a kak

<Vinny> Burners don't need drivers, right?
<Outlaw_Torn> Wrong.
<Vinny> ...
<Outlaw_Torn> I think.
<Outlaw_Torn> I just like doing that.
<Vinny> can I have someone who actually knows anything answer me? :P

* Outlaw_Torn waves hand mystically: "#massassi doesn't exist."
* Outlaw_Torn was kicked by Blood_Asp (Blood_Asp)

<Jim7[afk]> i'm not racist... i hate everyone equally
<ubuu> thats the stupidest thing anyone can say
* Zloc_Vergo has quit IRC (New Simpsons)
<tofu> I know
<tofu> it was satire
* Jim7[afk] "joins" zloc
<Outlaw_Torn> No, although I'm sure the stupidest thing has been said on here before.
<Mentis`drinkless> I'll take "TheRapists" for $200
<tofu> I'm the uberhonky and I agree that's it's dumb
<Outlaw_Torn> I rest my case

mscbuck> what should I eat for dinner people
<CoolMatty> buck: eat JG
<Outlaw_Torn> Donner, party of one

<Outlaw_Torn> Imagine how painful it was for Wolfy? You neutered, moved and insulted him all in the same sentence.
<NobleOutlaw> true, true
<brad> interweb is cool

<KOP_Snake> i predict buck will enter
<ChompyGator> in 3
<Pommy> I do too
<ChompyGator> 2
<Pommy> since he just got on AIM
<ChompyGator> 1
<ChompyGator> 0
<ChompyGator> NOW
* buck (~mscbuck@holonet-2B10183B.wi.rr.com) has joined #massassi
* ChanServ sets mode: +oa buck buck
* Pommy sets mode: +v buck
<ChompyGator> woot
<Pommy> HA
<Cazor|deleting`stuff> HAHAHA
<SuperS51> ...
<KOP_Snake> muahhaah
<Kedri> BA
<SuperS51> That's just creepy.
<Outlaw_Torn> Looks like the buck stopped here.
<Pommy> 0wned.

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