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<d-_-b> I'm going to do my own Massassi ABCs
<Jim7> asnd nolf2 is cheap
<Hades> then Tide has to be a treat...It has to ryme with street
<tofu> NOLF 2 is not expensive anymore
<septic> what the hell is tide anyway... i saw you (pretend to) drink it on those pictures
<d-_-b> They rhyme?
<tofu> ...
<d-_-b> That's dumb
<Hades> V is for Vinny...who has a nice bum, W is for Women...we have none
<tofu> Tide is a soft drink septic
<septic> it looks cool
<Ishionu> You have none, Hades
<tofu> Its good, try some sometime
<Ishionu> Not all of us are like you
<Zloc|2k3ut> right again Hades
<Hades> I mean personally we have none...we have one in the chat but that doesn't count
<septic> i've never seen it before
* Rogue_22 coughs
* Hades snorts
* Jim7 farts
* Hades beeps
* Rogue_22 w00t's
* Jim7 farts again
* Hades s3><0rz Jennifer
* Ishionu stabs the /me command
* Jim7 s3x0rz Jennifer
* Kedri phones up Hades, alerting her to the present state of s3><0rz she would otherwise be finding herself in
* Ishionu s3x0rz Jim
* Overinflated_Wombat eat's Hades new shoes.
<Hades> I dont have new shoes
<Grismath> haha
<FroggyP> mmmm new shoes
<Overinflated_Wombat> Because I ate them.
<Overinflated_Wombat> doesn't that make sense?
<Grismath> Indeed.
<Flexor> I want a daughter. One. No more.
<JorBo`RS> you just want free s3><0r
<Vin[Civ3]> Exactly
<Hades> ewwww
<Hades> thats so gross
<d-_-b> [Someone] explain secks without getting kicked
<Hades> its like this d-_-b...."UGHA UGHA *SQUEEK SQUEEK*" done
<Jim7> Hades.... now go bang you head against a random wall
* Hades bangs his head against a wall and orgasms
<Hades> like this?
<Jim7> wrong head
* Gonkish needs a story
* Gris|laundry writes a story
<Gris|laundry> There once was an underwater lab.
* Hades is thinking about Jennifer to Gundam 0083 - Evergreen - 4:54
<Gris|laundry> It was called 'Sea-Lab'
<S51`[hangover]> oh crap
<Ishionu> OH NOS
<Kedri> Sweet!
<Gris|laundry> OH NOS!
<S51`[hangover]> hahaha
<Gonkish> let me rephrase that: I need a story..that DOESN'T suck..\
* Ford helps Hades get over his obsession by castrating him with a rusty spoon.
* saberopus[bsp_fullvis] screams in pain just from watching
<Wolfy> Mmm
<Wolfy> Chewy SweetTart
<Hades> !seen YourButt
<Hades> [19:13] -lat- Sorry I have Not Seen YourButt <--lier
<+Hades> anyone have advice on how to conquer shyness?
<@Vinny> Run around naked
<+SiliconC> dance naked
<+Hades> good advice?
<@Vinny> Definately gonna quote that
<+SiliconC> be confident =P
<@Vinny> Dude... I said Definately.
<Hades> Hey I have a perfect idea...im gonna take a picture of her when she ISNT sleeping...and like when she is in the shower or something....good idea, yes comrades?
<]-[ellequin> Uhhh
<Vin[UT]> Um... pervert
<Hades> duh
<toothpicker> ... the sight might blind my eyes
<Vin[UT]> You have seen her in the shower?
<Hades> not yet ;D
<Vin[UT]> Poob
<Vin[UT]> Have you even touched her bosoms?
<Hades> whats a bosoms?!?!
[Miscellaneous un-related chatting omitted]
<Hades> well...lets just say...in the yearbook im pRobably going to be voted "Most likely to shoot people for a living"
<Zully> I love being the sexy beast that I am.
<stat> I love Zully being the sexy beast his is.
* Jim7 is Dj82ing™©® to Pissing In The Mainstream by Dying Fetus which is 1min 58secs long.
*** TheBoss1 (~jeff25624@cloaked.wi.rr.com) has joined #massassi
*** Wolfy sets mode: +v TheBoss1
<Wolfy> I love stat loving Zully being the sexy beast he is.
<Hades> I love stat loving Zully being the sexy beast he is.
<Hades> hey...if someone guesses my password I will give them $20
<Jim7> jennifer
<buck> password !
<Miitel_Ja> jennifer
<Hades> lmao im not THAT predictable
<Ford> gundam
* Hades (~no@934100F.DF6BAD41.663A2F2F.IP) Quit (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by ]-[ellequin)))
<]-[ellequin> HAHA
<BuuBox> lol
<NwO2k_Reaper1576> anyone here know anything about shaders?
<Mano> BuuBox knows quite a bit about Shades.
<NwO2k_Reaper1576> is he about?
<Hades> im praticly perfect in every way
<Hades> except spelling
<Shades> why must WMP constantly crash? what's so hard to handle about an audio cd?
<KOP_blujay> There is an oh-so simple answer.
<KOP_blujay> It's made by Microsoft.
* Shades quit IRC : Quit: rebooting to linux
<Who> Jim7 SUCKS!!!!!!
* Who is now known as Jim7
<Jim7> who said that?
<CoolMatty> yawn
<Jim7> oops
<FroggyP> yes
<FroggyP> who did say that
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> :P
<Lt_Greywolf> yep
<Lt_Greywolf> who said it
<FroggyP> lol
<Lt_Greywolf> :)
<Hades> who said that
<Jim7> it was supposed to change my nick first
<Lt_Greywolf> So whos on first?
<Lt_Greywolf> Whats on second
<Jim7> then say who said that?
* Lt_Greywolf is now known as Who
<Who> muhahaha
<Who> I said it
<Who> I said Jim7 $v}{0rz!!!!
<DeTRiTiC-iQ> I wonder if strengthening your lips by lifting weights with your mouth makes you a better kisser.... if I was a true nerd I would test this, but I'm not so I won't
<lateralus> In Spencer Gifts I saw A tiny set of barbells for your ummm... "tool"
<Hades> I saw those in a magazine
<Ishionu> why use tiny ones? ;D
* Ford brings a sackfull of doorknobs to Deadman's nuts quite rapidly.
<Deadman> :)
* Hades appears behind Deadman and gives him a wedgie, kupo
* Deadman makes a note of this, thanks Ford for the doorknobs, and keels over quietly

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