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<spud> I bet there's a place called "Op Land". It's where all the ops go when they're not here, and while they're there, they get repaired and updated, because they're really Robots.
<spud> yeah, you're all Robots!
<CoolMatty> In Op Land, no one can hear you scream.

[19:29] <MBeggar> someone shut up CoolMatty
[19:30] * Jovan peels off a piece of duct tape, writes "STFU" on it, and sticks it to CoolMatty's mouth.
[19:30] <MBeggar> yay

<mb> I drove through west sparta today
<mb> i saw no spartans
<CoolMatty> they were pRobably dining in hell

<Ford> there are people here in cleveland who play vampire LARP every other friday. its called Cleveland By Night. theres another one they do called LoD but i dont know hwat that stands fr.
* CoolMatty is cooking elbows and sorting souls to Star_Wars_Kid - 1:48
<ChompyGator> Lots of Dorks

<CoolMatty> XP64bit is a pain in the ass
<]-[ellequin> So is a colonoscopy

<CoolMatty> I think I'm going to give JOMP another shot
<CoolMatty> Everyone pray for my safe return
<Muurn> let's not get desperate, CM
<Shadow89> hehe
<Is> JOMP?
<CoolMatty> lol @ muurn
<CoolMatty> JOMP!
<CoolMatty> jo multiplayer
<Muurn> Jedi Outcast Multiplayer!
<Shadow89> oh
<S51`[hangover]> messed up "JUMP"
<CoolMatty> lol

[08:38:38] <Antony> god damn, CoolMatty
[08:38:43] <Antony> i can't go any further tonight
[08:39:36] <Nikumubeki> It's alright, Antony
[08:39:39] <Nikumubeki> Your rectum can only take that much
[09:03:52] <CoolMatty> anyway
[09:03:54] <CoolMatty> i'm going to bed
[09:04:33] <Antony> yeah i am too
[09:04:55] <Nikumubeki> Oh my

[20:18] <Hampsterman> i am hampsterman!
[20:18] <Fazer> Long time no see. :)
[20:18] <A_Big_Fat_CoW> Yep.
[20:18] <lordvader> hi Hampsterman
[20:18] <Hampsterman> lol
[20:18] <lordvader> what's up?
[20:18] <lordvader> what's chillin in your hood?
[20:18] <skyhopper_makingmIRC-scripts> the ops
[20:18] <CoolMatty> snow
[20:18] <Hampsterman> mostly hampster turds
[20:18] <Hampsterman> :D

[23:08] * Michael_MacFarlane has quit IRC (Gone like Frank Sinatra.)
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[23:37] <JediGandalf> Jesus.
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[23:40] <tofu> wow
[23:40] <tofu> I made :o


<]-[ellequin> <CoolMatty> Nerd nerd blah blah nerd? <Jon`C> geek geek nerd blah nerd <CoolMatty> Geek geek blah blah nerd blah geek <Jon`C> Nerd geek blah nerd blah geek

<+Oberfeldwebel> How the hell did you get to be an op?
<+Oberfeldwebel> Your mentally unstable.
<+CoolMatty> thats a requirement for being an Op at #massassi

[20:09] <d-_-b> I'll trade blows with Friend
[20:09] <Homicide> use protection
[20:09] <Blood_Asp> ewww
[20:10] <CoolMatty> so i have to make another 3do thats inverted?
[20:10] <d-_-b> I hate you, Homicide
[20:10] <CoolMatty> bah!
[20:10] <Homicide> win
[20:10] <S51> Haha.
[20:10] <d-_-b> S51
[20:10] <d-_-b> Can you write in Japanese?
[20:11] <JediGandalf> Nice, Homicide, Nice.

<CoolMatty> ME: Can you say the alphabet? BOT: Of course I can say "the alphabet"

<JediKirby> No, he wasn't banned, JediGandalf
<JediKirby> He was logged in AFTER you reported the ban
<JediGandalf> I swear I typed in CoolMatty and hit "ok" or whatever the hell it is.
<Jon`C> isn't it Cool Matty on the forums? with a space?
<JediGandalf> -_-
<JediGandalf> And the dumbass aWard goes to...JediGandalf!

* JoshH sets mode: +b *!*@*.au
* dudining is now known as happydud
* JoshH sets mode: +b *!*@*.br
<happydud> ooh, sweet
* JoshH sets mode: +b *!*@*.pr
<happydud> haha, suck it aussies!
<happydud> suck it british!
* JoshH sets mode: +b *!*@*.an
* CoolMatty sets mode: +b *!*@*.earth
<happydud> suck it deuch!
<happydud> suck it... prague?
<JoshH> Puerto Rico?
<tofu> prague isn't a country
<JoshH> I was guessing. :S
<happydud> No, it's prague.
<tofu> durrrr
<happydud> Positive.
<tofu> durrrr
<happydud> DURRR SUCK IT tofu
<CoolMatty> NARF
<tofu> durrrr

* Wolfy was kicked by CoolMatty (1 more till 2!)

This is what you get when you kill the chat:

* Blood_Asp w00ts uncontrollably
<Blood_Asp> i killed teh chat
<Gebohq> so...
<Mechmark> di3
<CoolMatty> huh?
<CoolMatty> Its not dead
* Blood_Asp (Blood_Asp@holonet-317FFFD.smsu.edu) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
* Blood_Asp (Blood_Asp@holonet-317FFFD.smsu.edu) has joined #massassi
* Vinny sets mode: +v Blood_Asp
<Blood_Asp> ...

<Who> Jim7 SUCKS!!!!!!
* Who is now known as Jim7
<Jim7> who said that?
<CoolMatty> yawn
<Jim7> oops
<FroggyP> yes
<FroggyP> who did say that
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> :P
<Lt_Greywolf> yep
<Lt_Greywolf> who said it
<FroggyP> lol
<Lt_Greywolf> :)
<Hades> who said that
<Jim7> it was supposed to change my nick first
<Lt_Greywolf> So whos on first?
<Lt_Greywolf> Whats on second
<Jim7> then say who said that?
* Lt_Greywolf is now known as Who
<Who> muhahaha
<Who> I said it
<Who> I said Jim7 $v}{0rz!!!!

<&CoolMatty> because buying a ton of extra servers for a few days of increased load is stupid
<Antony> but that doesn't mean it shouldn't work at launch
<&CoolMatty> that'd be like the government building two extra lanes in a highway just to accomodate the increased traffic on the highway when it first opens
<&CoolMatty> actually, that sounds like something the government would actually do
<Antony> that's a terrible analogy
<+Jim7> CM that's a bad analogy
<@The_MAZZTer> bad analogy confirmed here
<Jon`C> terrible

<CoolMatty[SortaHere]> 5 out of 4 people dont understand fractions.

<CoolMatty> but yeah I was reading dinosaur comics and I was like "this is like exactly Nikumubeki. exactly like him. this is literally how he speaks. am I reading Nikumubeki right now? I feel like I am."

[01:18] * Hard_Driver (Hard_Drive@holonet-21C1844.p1.dialup.gru.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * Gebohq (jirc@holonet-37870EE0.gambrl01.md.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * BuuBox (BuuBox@holonet-34367198.tpgi.com.au) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * Cazor|WC3 (~oldkentuc@holonet-2C42601E.client.mchsi.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * CoolMatty (CoolMatty@holonet-1E7D28A3.cinci.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * Sine_Nomen-sleeping (Sine_Nomen@holonet-237C3DD2.carolina.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * SuperS51 (~Grim@holonet-FDB0798.dial1.newyork1.level3.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * Juz`Sleep (juz@holonet-1ABCD78F.gv.shawcable.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * Kroko (~Krokodile@holonet-172C2F23.dial.kolumbus.fi) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * CoW`Mooing (~belker47@holonet-219AF111.gambrl01.md.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout)
[01:18] * Flirbnic (flirbnic@holonet-3CCFFDD5.home.cgocable.net) Quit (Ping timeout)

* CoolMatty was kicked by Wolfy (Sorry; Pommy') (People kicked: 1284 - only 716 left to 2000!)
<Wolfy> Dang it.
<Wolfy> Stupid enter key.

<Blood_Asp> and uhm... you have britney spears songs on your playlist
<Blood_Asp> so feel ashamed... now
<Muurn> haha
<CoolMatty> no i dont
<Muurn> yes, you do
<Blood_Asp> yes, yes you do.
<Gebohq> I feel so sad now
<Muurn> i should quote it sometime
<CoolMatty> How much you wanna bet?
<Blood_Asp> what was that.... hit me baby one more time?
<Muurn> but you have "Hit Me Baby One More TIme" on there
<Blood_Asp> omg
<CoolMatty> DID
<Blood_Asp> two people
<CoolMatty> "DID"
<Blood_Asp> you just got pwned
<Blood_Asp> lies it was on there yesterday
<CoolMatty> I haven't had it on there for like ... a week
<Muurn> i have seen it frequently
<Blood_Asp> lies..... again
<Muurn> he must have a secret playlist with, like, the backstreet boys on it
<Blood_Asp> muurn, he sure lies a lot
<CoolMatty> you want me to pm you the friggin list
<Blood_Asp> LOL
<CoolMatty> Muurn ... die

mscbuck> what should I eat for dinner people
<CoolMatty> buck: eat JG
<Outlaw_Torn> Donner, party of one

* CoolMattyLaptop has joined #massassi
* ChanServ sets mode: +v CoolMattyLaptop
<CoolMattyLaptop> omfg
<The_Mega_ZZTer> hello CM
<CoolMattyLaptop> my school UNBLOCKED everything
<Ford> krigpost funny
<CoolMattyLaptop> i dont know why, i dont know when, but they unblocked it all!
<CoolMattyLaptop> but they unblocked it so well i cant connect t
* CoolMattyLaptop has quit IRC

<Lt_min_skihopper> i feel like pleasing CoolMatty

<heeb> snow is strangely comforting to me. everytime i see it i go into a short coma.
<CoolMatty> heeb: thats b/c you have no heat. U need to pay your bills
<heeb> oh.

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