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<+gbk> krok and bill, sitting in a tree....
* +Antony slaps gbk with a broom handle
<@Baconfish> riffing
<@Baconfish> sorry, R-I-F-F-I-N-G
<+Kroko> gbk and suzanne, sitting in a mana powerup

<&CoolMatty> because buying a ton of extra servers for a few days of increased load is stupid
<Antony> but that doesn't mean it shouldn't work at launch
<&CoolMatty> that'd be like the government building two extra lanes in a highway just to accomodate the increased traffic on the highway when it first opens
<&CoolMatty> actually, that sounds like something the government would actually do
<Antony> that's a terrible analogy
<+Jim7> CM that's a bad analogy
<@The_MAZZTer> bad analogy confirmed here
<Jon`C> terrible

[08:38:38] <Antony> god damn, CoolMatty
[08:38:43] <Antony> i can't go any further tonight
[08:39:36] <Nikumubeki> It's alright, Antony
[08:39:39] <Nikumubeki> Your rectum can only take that much
[09:03:52] <CoolMatty> anyway
[09:03:54] <CoolMatty> i'm going to bed
[09:04:33] <Antony> yeah i am too
[09:04:55] <Nikumubeki> Oh my

< Antony> my ex was watching sex and the city once and she said something about how funny kim cattrel's character was, and i said "fuck that cunt. she killed the klingon chancellor and almost fucked up the peace talks"
< Antony> she looked at me as if i'd just asked her to shove produce up her vagina

<Antony> god dammit, is this really what the chat has become?

<Antony> it's impossible for me to think of the spetsnaz without that image of the guy upside down in midair throwing a hatchet coming to mind
<Antony> or that they make them wade through waist deep sheeps blood and entrails for days at a time to get used to the sight and smell of dead shit
<Nikumubeki> The latter is also known as "living in Russia"

<`Rob> I think I might have broken my wrist. :(
<`Rob> It's really swollen and won't stop hurting.
<`Rob> But it doesn't feel warm, like the last time I broke a bone.
<Antony> stop jerking off so much
<`Rob> :(
<`Rob> I actually did this at work.

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