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<MAxisReed> I'm gonna move to Canada, I love Canada, If Canada was a woman, I'd do her. Hell, I'll do Canada anyways!

<Zell> Who's Tala?
<Ruthypoo> Its a sexy name
<Arkon> indeed
<Ruthypoo> So I thought I'd meet and great this "tala"
<Arkon> must be a sexy lass
<Mentis> it's my friend ted
<Mentis> I told him to sign on he's having irc troubles
<Homicide> HAHAHA
<Mentis> silence...

<DaGhost> I luv killing lots of stormies with the sbx saber!
<DaGhost> it's SOOO fun!

<Blood_Asp> being in a pantless state does not make one a wanker

<SiliconC> I saw boobies at IGN, that's all i know of it
<Jova> ... haha
<SH4773R> I see boobies everyday.
<SiliconC> Bob has b***h ti*s
<Jovan> Hooray!
<]-[elliquin> Your mom doesn't count.
<SH4773R> I have my own.
<Jovan> ... hahaha

<buck> so-so kirby
<d-_-b`HoMeWoRk> SO SO!?
<d-_-b`HoMeWoRk> SO SO!!!!!
<d-_-b`HoMeWoRk> She's the most beautiful thing I know.
<BV> I would contribute my opinion if THE FILE TRANSFER WASN'T STUCK
<buck> HAlle Berry > Kirby's girlfirend
<SiliconC> most everything looks better than kirby's hand :P
<buck> LOL
<buck> burn
<buck> pwnd

<BioGen_Leader> how much?
<Rob> More than you can afFord :)
<Yecti> lmao... Rob is a whore... you dork
<Yecti> lol

<Jim7> Rob!
*** Rob has joined #massassi

<Jim7> but blaming a game like halo.......
<Jim7> duck hunt is more likely to help your skills with a gun than halo
* Wolfy is moshing to Dead Bodies Everywhere by KoRn for 4:44.
<Jim7> omq duck hunt makes murderers
<Sine_Nomen-gtkradiant> Skimp, are you watching dateline/
<Sine_Nomen-gtkradiant> ?
<Craig> was
<Sine_Nomen-gtkradiant> .. ah.. yeah..
<Sine_Nomen-gtkradiant> the halo thing. AHAHAHAHFKSdjh
<Kedri> and the laughing dog encourages you to be better at wanton homocide!
<Craig> its a KIDS game right Sine
<Craig> actually that dog damn near did kill me to cause someone

<kak> And All teh girls say that Brians pretty fly for a jedi!

<Dethlord> well i'm out for the night in yet another vain effort to "get a piece"
<Bee> Ive done 8
<Bee> and it was ok.

<Flexor> I have two girls, a guy, and a potato in my pants o_O

<NoESC> EVERYONE TO #jkgames
* Quits: NoESC (nothing@holonet-355D793.bna.bellsouth.net) (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by r3t)))

<Vin[HatingSelf]> Hitler was a great pubic speaker

*** peer has quit IRC (Kill by NickServ (Ghost command used by EL3CTRO))

<S51> "Every game has it's own reWard for multiple kills: In Q3 it's 'Excellent', in UT it's 'Monster Kill', and in CS it's 'Kicked by console'."

<Wolfy> !seen mb
<Wolfy> Hee hee
<Wolfy> -Brad- mb was last seen saying "stupid goy" on channel #massassi 24secs ago (Mon 04/04/05 09:14:04 PM EST)

<Scott{Manlovespud}> yay cmere spud!
* spud|literature has quit IRC (Quit: speed isn't cool. Neither is Scott. GO AWAY!)

<Pommy> <--- dead
* Gebohq is now known as undead_Geb
<undead_Geb> <---undead
<undead_Geb> ;)
* undead_Geb munches on Pommy's Brians
<undead_Geb> er
<undead_Geb> *brains
<SiliconC> haha
<undead_Geb> shush you
<undead_Geb> being undead makes it hard to type
<SiliconC> pinky and the Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian...
<undead_Geb> grrr...
* SiliconC frEQs Animaniacs - Pinky & The Brian Quotes (1:00)
* undead_Geb eats SiliconC's head off
<SiliconC> i'm done =D

<AOJ_Iceman> So, can anyone here give me any tips on making architexture?
<Zully> I do
<Zully> Tip number 1: Spell it right. Architecture.
<Zully> That is all.

<Sine`compiling`xwa> psh, a lot of people thought the holocaust was brilliant. it still sucked!

* Wolfy grabs what feels like a small hot dog ... .... ... ... ... and throws out a bag of cocktail wieners.
<Skimpy> omg
<Loofy_AFKx124> lol
<Loofy_AFKx124> Wolfy you sick fiend
<Skimpy> Wolfy...thats ......omg
<Wolfy> Hey, I don't keep cocktail wieners in my pants.
<Loofy_AFKx124> lol
<Loofy_AFKx124> neither do I...
<Loofy_AFKx124> ::cough::
<Wolfy> You German American Russian.
<Loofy_AFKx124> lol
<Loofy_AFKx124> ummm
<[EBGE]oS[TACO_PS]> http://ebge.fixedsys.net
<Loofy_AFKx124> your grandmothers?
<Wolfy> Eeew.

<]-[ellequin> Sitting here, late at night, reminiscing with strangers over the interent about toys we played with a decade and a half ago

<Kedri> Peppermint Patty must die.

<JorBo> yes :) I got my modem working after 3 days of trying :)
<EL3CTRO> sirc? i use that when im in KDE
* JorBo (~JorBo@cloaked.ips.PaulBunyan.net) Quit (Connection reset by peer)

* Outlaw_Torn waves hand mystically: "#massassi doesn't exist."
* Outlaw_Torn was kicked by Blood_Asp (Blood_Asp)

<stat> " An' so Peta sez, 'Yo, Jesuz, I will love ya foreva, holla!' But Jesuz then sed, "Pete, my brudda, by da time dat cock be crowin', you had already denied me three timezz. Word.'"

<Wolfy> "Jesus walked over some water. He pointed at pharisees and said, "Liar!" Then they killed him on a cross. People were sad, but those who believe he was the Messiah are saved. Heaven, then the end of the world. Sucks to be a sinner."

<Xelfor> I just missed the bus.. and the next one is not for another 30 minutes
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> *or
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> lol
<Mike> Xelfor that's what you get for talking in here
<Mike> you're new aren't you
<Xelfor> yes
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> .....
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> ha ha ha ha ha HA
<Tony> Ha ha ha ha.
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> good show of stupididy right here in Mike's face
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> lol
<Mike> sorry what
<Xelfor> r u new too Mike?
* Lt_myn_skyhopper points at Mike and laughs
<Mike> Xelfor, you'll learn soon that chatting in #massassi is not worth missing anything
<Mike> yes I'm new
* GoY dances the laugh dance on Mike
<FastGamerr> Mike is a bit too new
<Mike> ok I'm getting vibes here
<Mike> Xelfor isn't new
<Mike> and you're all making fun of me
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> must be using his other brain or something
--- Xelfor is now known as Flexor
<Flexor> :D
<GoY> What gives you that feeling?
<GoY> hehehehe
<Lt_myn_skyhopper> hahahahahahaha
<Mike> I hate you all
<Mike> I'm glad you missed your damn bus

<Wubby> tell him wolvie and kak are dating
<mscbuck> EXACTLY
<ubuu> look at the graphics
<Wubby> he'll know what it means
<S51`[Kedri_lovedoll]> alright
<S51`[Kedri_lovedoll]> I'm going to do it
<Wubby> its secret for "hi its massassi"
<ubuu> is oBVious its Kedri..
<Wubby> dont how could you, me!
<mscbuck> but i was forgivn
<mscbuck> you huggliewugglied me
<Wubby> ..no more cheating
<Wubby> ok?
<mscbuck> OK
* mscbuck bighuggliewugglies Wolvie!
* Wubby big huggliewugglie mscbuck
<Wubby> woohoo

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