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[19:29] <MBeggar> someone shut up CoolMatty
[19:30] * Jovan peels off a piece of duct tape, writes "STFU" on it, and sticks it to CoolMatty's mouth.
[19:30] <MBeggar> yay

-Brad- =====[ updstats can only be run once every .25 days. it has been 8secs (8 seconds) since it was last updated (last update by: MiniMoose2707, 1024842679 second(s) after it was possible) ... /JOIN #FIXEDSYS ]=====
<MiniMoose2707> 1024842679 second(s) after it was possible
<MiniMoose2707> i think 1 billion seconds is a record
<SiliconC> that's 32.4975481671740233384069000507357 years
<MiniMoose2707> i updated stats 32 years after it was possible :)


<Mentis> hmm, I wish I was an oscar meyer weiner

<tofu> Somone give me a chart
<tofu> On how to finger

<gamebot> "Guess the word" game activated BY: Josh! Prize : Nose-plucker!
<gamebot> For info, type /msg gamebot !info
* gamebot gives hint: " What's long, furry, and all in one piece? "
<d-_-b> wang
<d-_-b> a wang
<Josh> ...wangs aren't furry.
<Deadman> o_O
<Josh> And not all are long.
<HistoryGuy`KoH> !wang!
<d-_-b> Mine is.
<Genki> Genki
<Josh> .....ew.
<d-_-b> Shut up, unibrow
<gamebot> You win Nose-plucker d-_-b! The answer was: Unibrow.
-gamebot- You have not registered. Nose-plucker was not stored in your inventory. Use /msg gamebot !info for more info.

<Craig> you know I have been thinking about myself as a person
<Craig> I think I have become a manho

<jipehw> "no! we must stop this distribution of movie trailers! it might promote the movie! NEVER!"

<ForceHugger> Jim7 is the new Limp Bizkit guitarist?
<Jim7> yes
<Mechar> That is EXACTLY the part I was gonna quote
<dorlthed> I'm listening to it right now, that's what inspired me to type it out :p
<ForceHugger> What song?
* landfish wants to play JK
<Mechar> Haha me too
<Mechar> Reflection
<ForceHugger> Oh.
<Jim7> yep im limp's new guitarist and ive only been playing for a total of 2 weeks

<+Dj-Yoshi> if you haven't stuck it in her butt yet she isn't your girlfriend
<@Baconfish> just give me two minutes

<Comrade`Yoshi> and Brad just leaves Heb hangin
<Hebedee> I'll survive.
<Comrade`Yoshi> just like Aretha?
<Hebedee> as long as i know how to love.
* Comrade`Yoshi nods humbly
<Comrade`Yoshi> You know you'll stay alive
<Hebedee> yeah, and i've got all my life to live.
<Comrade`Yoshi> And all your love to give
<Hebedee> i will survive
<Comrade`Yoshi> you will survive
<Hebedee> hey
* Zloc_Vergo has joined #massassi
* ChanServ sets mode: +v Zloc_Vergo
<Comrade`Yoshi> hey
<Hebedee> good show.
<Comrade`Yoshi> good good
<Hebedee> i am are
<Hebedee> you are thra
<Hebedee> and if i changed my name to ure
<Hebedee> we could be something fun.
<Comrade`Yoshi> indeed

<Emon> I'm going to fsck my hard drive real good.
<buck> Emon, please don't try to avoid the censors :)
<Emon> buck, what?
<buck> yeah, we kick people for making sipmle letter changes...
<Emon> um
<Emon> fsck is a disk repair tool

<GhostOfYoda> oh nos
<GhostOfYoda> my dog is licking me
<skuzzzy> :P
<skuzzzy> eww
<Kroko> I thought you were into goats.

* You were kicked from #massassi by S51 (Insult. That, and I HATE YOU WITH A FIERY BURNING PASSION.)

* Timothy wiggles to destroy the world

<space_Ghost> why would you want to manually change gears?

<Ford> there are people here in cleveland who play vampire LARP every other friday. its called Cleveland By Night. theres another one they do called LoD but i dont know hwat that stands fr.
* CoolMatty is cooking elbows and sorting souls to Star_Wars_Kid - 1:48
<ChompyGator> Lots of Dorks


<Nikumubeki> And search for your nickname too.
<Kroko> I did.
<Nikumubeki> Meh.
<Nikumubeki> I'd like to point out your forum user name is Krokodile.
<Kroko> Oh, I found it.

*** Jepman was kicked by Bri|MII (think again)
<Bri|MII> people suck...
<Bri|MII> <Jepman> muahaha ur opless u cant ban me for pming u

<smocc> In English, all our short words are german, our long words are latin, and our pretentious words are French
<RoAch> yeah, it's cool like that
<RoAch> haha
<smocc> And our really pretentious words are german again
<RoAch> doppleganger!
<smocc> schaudenfraud!
<RoAch> kindergarten!

<BrianL> I seriously have to uncerealize into the toilet

<+Oberfeldwebel> How the hell did you get to be an op?
<+Oberfeldwebel> Your mentally unstable.
<+CoolMatty> thats a requirement for being an Op at #massassi

<DesertPike> i feel love, and its stinky and hairy

<spud> In Soviet Russia, car drives you!

<@BuuBox> In fact, if you get caught download porn, tell your mum its for a research task on primate mating patterns, and you couldn't find any video's of apes *******
<@BuuBox> I never said that.
<@BuuBox> In fact, this conversation never happened...
<@BuuBox> ah well... monkey porn is funny

<+kak> HEY SINE
<+kak> IT IS latE AT NIGHT

<Rob> Kill the bot.
<GhostOfYoda> ok
<gamebot> GhostOfYoda told me to leave :(
* gamebot has left #massassi
<Chaz_Ghostle> no kill!
<Rob> DIE!
* GhostOfYoda dances on gamebot
<Rob> KILL!
<Chaz_Ghostle> nooooooooooooo
<Chaz_Ghostle> he brought so much joy :'(
<Elmo> ...
<Rob> STFU.
<Rob> Loser....

* Aglar slaps a large trout around a bit with oSiRiS
<Aglar> Wake up!

<AOJ_Iceman> So, can anyone here give me any tips on making architexture?
<Zully> I do
<Zully> Tip number 1: Spell it right. Architecture.
<Zully> That is all.

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