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<Deth> lemme chick

<Axis`> a girl that was kidnapped in my city
<Oberfeldwebel> :O
<septic> Aglar!!!!! name a couple of good nothingface songs
<Rob> Har, so many kids being kidnapped.
<KOP_mscbuck> haha, simpsons-behind the laughter is on :)
<Oberfeldwebel> !!!! Rob has been eating them!!!
<Axis`> I KNEW IT!
<Rob> NO I HAVEN'!
<Axis`> lies!
<Oberfeldwebel> liar Rob!!!
* Rob hides remains of children
<septic> he gave them to his dog
<Pommy> Selected mscbuck quote: when the boat is rockin don't come a knockin
<Rob> What kids!
<Oberfeldwebel> you ate the children!!!
<septic> Rob only eats prime squirrel
<Axis`> liars go to hell
<Pommy> *s

<Wolvie17> adore me dammit

<Boy> panty lines? you wear thongs on your feat

<SM_Adjudicator> I WANT TO EAT IT SO BAD
<Ach> We all know Adj is bicurious.

<Fishstickz> hello everyvody
<Fishstickz> exciting chat today
<GhostOfYoda> indeed.
<GhostOfYoda> As exciting as a goldfish during mating season.

<mavispoo> hey!! when did I get poked in the boob? what the hell's going on here?
* jEDIkIRBY punches mavispoo in the boob. 1 people punched in the boob.
<heeb> [09:56] * jEDIkIRBY pokes mavispoo in the boob.
<mavispoo> OW!!!
<mavispoo> a punch in the boob is very mean
<mavispoo> a poke is merely annoying
<Shadow89> um
* heeb punches himself in the boob
<heeb> yes, it hurts

<Archimedes> I WAS...ONE OF THEM

<KOP_Snake> i predict buck will enter
<ChompyGator> in 3
<Pommy> I do too
<ChompyGator> 2
<Pommy> since he just got on AIM
<ChompyGator> 1
<ChompyGator> 0
<ChompyGator> NOW
* buck (~mscbuck@holonet-2B10183B.wi.rr.com) has joined #massassi
* ChanServ sets mode: +oa buck buck
* Pommy sets mode: +v buck
<ChompyGator> woot
<Pommy> HA
<Cazor|deleting`stuff> HAHAHA
<SuperS51> ...
<KOP_Snake> muahhaah
<Kedri> BA
<SuperS51> That's just creepy.
<Outlaw_Torn> Looks like the buck stopped here.
<Pommy> 0wned.

<kak> MLP4 is kinda boring....
*** kak was kicked by Brian (kak-ka doodle do!)

<Zloc_Vergo> how do i request an update?
<GtkCazor> on the chat stats?
<Zloc_Vergo> yes
<GtkCazor> /server bradupdatestats
* lat waits
* GtkCazor also waits
* Zloc_Vergo has quit IRC (Quit: EL3CTROScript 4.2 http://www.lunarhorizon.com/gmdlor/e3script/index.html)
<GtkCazor> hahahahahahahaha
<lat> hahahha
<GtkCazor> oh... that never gets old

[21:07:17] <Duo> Bill Gates is my hero!
[21:07:22] *** Hoard`Pre_Alphaing is now known as Hoard
[21:07:33] <Duo> Hes someone all children should look up to

<Craig> I have never banned myself....well once
<Craig> twice..I was pissed once and I was drunk once.
<Craig> as a matter of fact I might have been drunk that tiem I was pissed...I was drunk a lot last year.

<+Dj-Yoshi> I would punch the groom in the throat, then declare myself king of the church, strip naked then climb the spires and throw bricks down at the puny humans below
<+Dj-Yoshi> ...but that's jsut me
<+Jim7> last time i entered a church it caught fire

* mb` np: Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead [03:41m/128Kbps/44KHz]
<Baconfish> MB WINS
* Baconfish thrusts to Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead
<Vin> the only thing mb wins is herpes
<Baconfish> actually mb just won at the 18th of October
<Ishi> So he figured out when he actually got the herpes?

<Jim7> but the morons in the band spell it bizkit
<Jim7> maybe i should spell my song "Phlaccid Dinnur Rol"

<Dr`Nick> "The kneebone's connected to the... something. The something's connected to the... red thing. The red thing's connected to my wrist watch. ...Uh oh."

* spud pokes Kedri
* Kedri pukes spud
<spud> O_O

<Elmo> hi
<Yecti> hi
<lateralus> hi
<SiliconC> hi
<Deadman> hi

<+ChompyGator> oh Qod pain !
<@BuuBox> Its not that painful...
<@BuuBox> [bright yellow]Now this is painful...[/bright yellow]
<+A_Big_Fat_CoW> OMQ
<+A_Big_Fat_CoW> ... wtf
<+A_Big_Fat_CoW> i meant to type "teh"...
<+A_Big_Fat_CoW> .... thats sad.

<Freelancer> I'm the real Free
<FreeIancer> Shut up, you imposter.

<+ubuu> I goto the best private schoolin Louisiana...
<+ubuu> :|
<@Vinny> Do they teAch spelling?

* S51 = Shinto Buddhist
--Mindless Talking---
<S51> When you're 21, an 80 year old Japanese monk comes out with a large stick and whacks you in the balls. Then you know you're a man.

<GtkCazor> yes... AND I HAVE THE BETA
<GtkCazor> so i still win :)
<d-_-b> You. R. Teh. Su><0rs
<GtkCazor> haha
<GtkCazor> i win!
<d-_-b> I'm going to kill you for it.
<d-_-b> DIE!
<GtkCazor> hehe
* d-_-b kicks d-_-b in the balls. 170 people kicked in the balls.
<d-_-b> HAHA!
* d-_-b takes out his baSeball bat and bludgeons d-_-b (13 people bludgeoned)
<d-_-b> CRAP!?
<d-_-b> DAMNIT!

<Veger> I thought potatoes was something else

<Muurn> Bobo the inmate.
<Muurn> Bobo would totally pwn you.
<Blood_Asp> he's got more hair on his back then most apes do
<RoAch> Bobo, I thought Sherly did the pwning now
<Muurn> Bobo IS surely
<Muurn> *sherly
<Muurn> He just wears a wig.
<Blood_Asp> and pumps
<RoAch> I see
<RoAch> his dress is nice
<RoAch> it's smooth and silky
<Muurn> been affected by Bobo, eh?
<RoAch> he was so gentle *sniff*

<nightstalker> hay can anyone here tell me wat dope yalls smokein
<Rob> I mean he seriously has some screws loose.
<Grismath> Definately a few too many bats in the belfry.
<Rob> We smoke the dope of... SPELL CHECK!
<septic> and NON-IDOCY

<Vinny> My time is done, the battle one, but I cannot spell, now I'll go to hell.
<Vinny> *won

<S51> You don't know drunk until you're talking to a girl and she starts to give you sass, so you punch her in the face but she turns out to be a building.

<+Hades> anyone have advice on how to conquer shyness?
<@Vinny> Run around naked
<+SiliconC> dance naked
<+Hades> good advice?
<@Vinny> Definately gonna quote that
<+SiliconC> be confident =P
<@Vinny> Dude... I said Definately.

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