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tofu: let's talk about a game
tofu: it starts with a c
mb: Ckwake 3?
tofu: and ends in iv 4
Blood_Asp: she took my metal bones
Blood_Asp: she took my soul and everything
DJ-Ricgasm: call of the Cthului?
DJ-Ricgasm: *Cthulu
tofu: and ends in iv 4
DJ-Ricgasm: Call of the Cthulu iv 4?
DJ-Ricgasm: Why would you name a game that
DJ-Ricgasm: it's awfully redundant
tofu: yes
tofu: that's it
mb: haha

*** Radner (jirc@1Cust158.tnt1.fargo.nd.da.uu.net) has joined #massassi
<Bri|PHP> Cust158.tnt1.fargo.nd.da.uu.net <-- haha does your isp treat you like you're just a number? Would you like more personalized service?
<Deth> ha
<Radner> fargo? dude! thats where i am!

* GhostOfYoda mushes water aspirin and banana
* GhostOfYoda eats a baby
<GhostOfYoda> *banana

* Deth sex0rz #massassi
<Deth> ah h aha
* Wolfy shrugs
<kak> no s3x0rz unless a female is present

<osiris> CoWs are a natural resource!

<Emon> It's basically saying, "I see your energy penis thing is as big as mine!"

<Craig> LP = crap LP+ remix = smeared crap

<Detty> I just want to find Justin Timerlake say "oh my god! you're Justin Timberlake aren't you??? wow... this is soooo coool" *SMASH* "damn that felt good"

"* Sneaky sneaks
* Noop sneaks
* landfish sneaks
* Urza sneaks

<Detty> in Soviet Russia, q3map2 compiles YOU

<Deth> lemme chick

* gammasts masticates on Cazor's uvula
<Cazor> OH YES
<Flexor> ...
<gammasts> ?
<gammasts> OH YES?
<Cazor> hehehe
<Flexor> that's unapropriate
<gammasts> you even know what a uvula is?
<Flexor> no and I dont care :p
<MBeggar> its his wang!
<gammasts> its the thing that hangs from your throat

<CapnPolo> sweet, thanks, my pic was starting to scare me :)

<+kak> HEY SINE
<+kak> IT IS latE AT NIGHT

* lateralus is latERALIZING to Orgy - Blue Monday (4:26) [443 songs played]
* Keith is relaxing to "Blue Monday" by Orgy, which is 4mins 26secs long.
<Pommy> yes...
* Yectiwan is jamming out to Orgy - Blue Monday (4:26)
<Yectiwan> good suggestion
<lateralus> it's an orgy in here!
<Keith> lol
* Wolfy says, "Phat pimpin'?" System of a Down - The Metro (2:59) << Word. Songs heard: 1642.
<lateralus> Wolfy, be a team player
<Wolfy> Oh, sorry.
* Wolfy says, "Phat pimpin'?" Orgy - Blue Monday (4:26) << Word. Songs heard: 1643.
<Yectiwan> lmfao

* The_MAZZTer sets mode: +v The_MAZZTer
<Rob> Hi fattie.
* The_MAZZTer has quit IRC (Client exited)

<+ubuu> I got some pretty good quotes
<@Vinny> Yeah, like this one: "<ubuu> im a respectable massassian"
<+ubuu> see!
<+ubuu> Dammit,I am
<@Vinny> Yes, ubuu
<@Vinny> We ALL respect you
<+ubuu> You sure do.
<@Vinny> "<ubuu> shut up imbolcils"
<+ubuu> stop
<+ubuu> I have never said any of these things.
<+ubuu> I am being frame, I swear

<spe> the whole pRoblem would have been over ages ago if we just rubbed them out entirely
<SiliconC> what do you suggest we do?
<SiliconC> people look down on genocide
<spe> so chop their heads off
<spe> then they wont be able to look anywhere

* Jehovah1 has joined #massassi
* Flexor sets mode: +v Jehovah1
* Jehovah12 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah12
* Jehovah112 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah112
* Jehovah1111 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah1111
* Jehovah111 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah111
<JediGandalf> Oh no.
<Cazputin> ...
* Jehovah1112 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah1112
* maevie has joined #massassi
* zzzine sets mode: +v maevie
<Cazputin> WTF
* GhostOfYoda sets mode: +b *!*@*.dial1.philadelphia1.level3.net
* Jehovah was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah1 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah12 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah111 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah1111 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
<S51> GOAL!
* Jehovah1112 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah112 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
<Cazputin> haha
<GhostOfYoda> weee
<Cazputin> whoo

<Professor`K> Sorry, but half-way through your logic, my head exploded


<MiniMoose2707> i just used AOL's 'sign on a friend' to send president bush AOL CDs

* d-_-b`courtney is now known as d-_-b
<Anovis> Oh great
<Anovis> finally
* Anovis is now known as Ano`courtney
<Ano`courtney> Thanks dude cya in a bit

* CoW is now known as j0v4n
<j0v4n> wrar
* j0v4n says something stupid
* j0v4n is now known as someotherguy
<someotherguy> omg ur so dumb
* someotherguy is now known as j0v4n
<j0v4n> omg lol thats so funny brb quoting

<Deth> use MySQL
<onemoretime> MySQL?
<Deth> yees
<onemoretime> is that like Oops I crapped my pants?

<Jim7> one thing we learned from studying the blood of kentuckians.... almost all of them have the same blood type.... which leads us to suspect heavy inbreeding

<Brad> holy crap in a can
<Brad> ap physics is hard
<kak> Holy crap in a brad.

<Wolvie17> Deth are you crack? :)

<CPUfan> http://forums.massassi.net/html/Forum5/HTML/005916.html post or die.
<Rob> Kill me then.
* CPUfan slowly spins up his blades
<CPUfan> huh?
<CPUfan> ive melted down two P-IV's today with reverse spin, so BACK OFF, BIATCH

<KOP_Snake> i predict buck will enter
<ChompyGator> in 3
<Pommy> I do too
<ChompyGator> 2
<Pommy> since he just got on AIM
<ChompyGator> 1
<ChompyGator> 0
<ChompyGator> NOW
* buck (~mscbuck@holonet-2B10183B.wi.rr.com) has joined #massassi
* ChanServ sets mode: +oa buck buck
* Pommy sets mode: +v buck
<ChompyGator> woot
<Pommy> HA
<Cazor|deleting`stuff> HAHAHA
<SuperS51> ...
<KOP_Snake> muahhaah
<Kedri> BA
<SuperS51> That's just creepy.
<Outlaw_Torn> Looks like the buck stopped here.
<Pommy> 0wned.

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