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<KOP_Snake> hey boss... do you know who stone of sysiphus is?
<KOP_Snake> he seems to know that i am a bears fan on the forums...
<KOP_Snake> yet i cant remember talking to him
<TheBoss> hmmm well I might know him.......
<TheBoss> becuase he be me
<KOP_Snake> har har
<TheBoss> lol
<KOP_Snake> DI3

* meno_ says hey frantik lets get naked and cuddle

<Is> ooohhh! tool, i'll listen to my tool cd
* Denethor would almost go gay for tool
<Spiral> ewww
<Is> um
<Spider_AL> ...
<Deth> uh

<Dethlord> i'm pulling on it as hard as i can

<Koray182> you know what? if we all like quotes so much, why don't people quote me?

<Grismath> [*** Now talking in #mass]
<BigCarm> (Dissenters anathema'ed: 10938.)

<Wolfy> Because the dormant people here still have a pulse.
<Wolfy> Except for Jim, maybe.

* Jehovah1 has joined #massassi
* Flexor sets mode: +v Jehovah1
* Jehovah12 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah12
* Jehovah112 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah112
* Jehovah1111 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah1111
* Jehovah111 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah111
<JediGandalf> Oh no.
<Cazputin> ...
* Jehovah1112 has joined #massassi
* kak sets mode: +v Jehovah1112
* maevie has joined #massassi
* zzzine sets mode: +v maevie
<Cazputin> WTF
* GhostOfYoda sets mode: +b *!*@*.dial1.philadelphia1.level3.net
* Jehovah was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah1 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah12 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah111 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah1111 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
<S51> GOAL!
* Jehovah1112 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
* Jehovah112 was kicked by GhostOfYoda (GhostOfYoda)
<Cazputin> haha
<GhostOfYoda> weee
<Cazputin> whoo

<stat> Come on, come on, come on, now touch me babe! Doot-doo, you know that I am not afraid, what was that promise that you made? Doot-dooo-la-la-la, I'm going to love you, for the rest of my life, yadda-doot-doo!

* septic was kicked by Vinny (No insluts)

<Freelancer> I'm the real Free
<FreeIancer> Shut up, you imposter.

<Brad> massassi is down

23:32 <Gonkish> Casper attempts to hack Massassi.net: "C:\>hack massassi.net" "Bad Command or File name" "C:\>h4x0rz massassi.net" "Bad Command or File name" "C:\>hackitdamnyou massassi.net" "Give it up, moron."

<lateralus> foreign people need peanut butter

<Craig> I have never banned myself....well once
<Craig> twice..I was pissed once and I was drunk once.
<Craig> as a matter of fact I might have been drunk that tiem I was pissed...I was drunk a lot last year.

<radiant`sine> I'm going to start kicking you every time you misspell somehting, ok?

<SiliconC> Seems so long since we walked in the moonlight,
<SiliconC> Making vows that just can't work right.

* CoW kills Homicide
<CoW> omfg irony

<stat> funny in that deranged, psychotic sort of way
<Seb> well, we are all deranged and psychotic anyway.
<stat> No, we're sex addicts, rampant murderers, and drug menkeys
<stat> ... at least I am

<os\2> valve has MASSIVE pipes

* Jim7 is now known as ass
<Blood_Asp> i'm done.
<SuperS51> Har.
<ass> !asskick
* ass was kicked by Mike (asskick activated! ())
<Mike> lol
<Blood_Asp> HAHAHAHA
<Eval_Muurn> haha
* ass has joined #massassi
* Mike sets mode: +v ass
<Eval_Muurn> ass r pwned.
* ass is now known as Jim7

* tofu laughs at Mike
<Mike> :(
* tofu un-laughs at Mike
<Mike> you're damn right

<Morpheus> I was brutally assaulted by a tree 2 days ago, that thing was HUGE! I never had a chance!
<Mike> ..
<Mike> I hate it when people mention quotes and then people try miserably to get quoted.
<Mike> I don't think miserably is the right word
<Morpheus> that really happened, Mike, I have a nifty scratch on my forehead now
<Morpheus> I don't even think that was quotable
<Mike> see look at him
<Mike> shamelessly trying to get quoted
<Mike> cut it out morpheus it's annoying
<Morpheus> WHAT!?
<Mike> see there he goes again
* Morpheus humps Mike's eyesockets
<Mike> FINE I give up, I'll give you a damn quote just cut it out

* CoolMattyLaptop has joined #massassi
* ChanServ sets mode: +v CoolMattyLaptop
<CoolMattyLaptop> omfg
<The_Mega_ZZTer> hello CM
<CoolMattyLaptop> my school UNBLOCKED everything
<Ford> krigpost funny
<CoolMattyLaptop> i dont know why, i dont know when, but they unblocked it all!
<CoolMattyLaptop> but they unblocked it so well i cant connect t
* CoolMattyLaptop has quit IRC

<Flexor> I love your new russian roulette addition, Craig. It adds suspense!
<Jim7> kinda like duck duck goose only instead it's pimp pimp slap

<MBeggar> wraa
* Blood_Asp shoots MBegger in a bout of surprisal
<MBeggar> damn, I really liked MBegger too

<Dr`Nick> "The kneebone's connected to the... something. The something's connected to the... red thing. The red thing's connected to my wrist watch. ...Uh oh."

<Jim7> big boobs generally end up looking fugly when the bra comes off and gravity grabs those suckers
<zanardi> lol
<Muurn> but she can stand, i assume.

* Flex|scanning|eatingpeanuts is now known as Flexor|photoshop
<Flexor|photoshop> time to make myself look sexy

<GhostOfYoda> I am Andy
<GhostOfYoda> Andy is my real name
<Cazor> ...right
<Cazor> oh
<Cazor> so when you turn into andy... you act evil?
<Wolfy> Andyvil!
<d-_-b> lol
<Wolfy> Andy + evil == Andyvil!

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