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Profile of septic
User Name septic
Real Name Adam
Location England
Birthdate 02/26/1986
Age 34
Gender male
Interests Music, sitting around, lungs, heroes, you know the crack
ICQ --
AIM --
Other Stuff woah, this is a fairly big box to type into, might as well just type away, could make a giant monologue if i work at it, looking around my room for inspiration isnt really helping me, but if you think about it, the lack of inspiration has made me type a load of stuff. unless i'm really doing well, i think i'll stop typing when a scroll bar appears at the sides of the box, and it is a rather large box so i must test its limits, this next line should make the scroll bar appear, yeah!! there it is, although it cant scrool very much, not a very useful scroll bar. next paragraph still searching for inspiration, gimmie a second
Sign Up Date 07/29/2003 09:07:21 PM
Last Seen Logged In 12/04/2005 02:12:05 PM
Email septic_yogurt@hotmail.com

Picture of septic
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