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Profile of heeb
User Name heeb
Real Name Chris Cahoon
Location Maryland
Birthdate 05/26/1988
Age 32
Gender male
Homepage http://www.massassi.net
Interests #massassi, css + xhtml + php, kedri, massassi.net, the ozone asylum, etc.
ICQ --
AIM heeb uh dee
Other Stuff I am unexplainably attached to Massassi. I have been around officially (registered at the forums) since March 2000. I have been an Administrator since 2001. I like all sorts of stuff.
Sign Up Date 05/12/2003 04:05:23 PM
Last Seen Logged In 03/25/2007 04:03:59 PM
Email hebedee@massassi.net

Picture of heeb
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