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Profile of Yecti
User Name Yecti
Real Name Aaron Shanas
Location Left of the Big Rock (FL,MI)
Birthdate 09/20/1978
Age 41
Gender male
Homepage http://www.oscempire.net
Interests scripting, coding, editing, hardware, software intercourse and foreplay. in that order.
ICQ --
AIM y3c71
Other Stuff I'm the WANG of Massassi. Often called upon as follows: Yecti Yectiwan Yectiwang Gnawitcey Wang Wnag Teh Wnag OMQ WANG!! Yeti MISTAR WANG and Sine_Nomad ;) So I guess what I'm trying to say is... ph34r.
Sign Up Date 08/24/2003 11:08:29 PM
Last Seen Logged In 04/16/2015 07:04:53 PM

Picture of Yecti
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