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Profile of GhostOfYoda
User Name GhostOfYoda
Real Name Andrew Garner
Location Manchester, UK
Birthdate 10/23/1987
Age 32
Gender male
Homepage http://www.massassi.net
Interests Sailing, Programming, Jedi Knight
ICQ 158374048
AIM GhoostOfYoda
Other Stuff Hey, I'm GoY and I am about to study physics at university. My likes include diet coke, eating in general, rollercoasters and RTS gaming. My current "long term project" is to try and program a lemmings clone, although it is unlikely to happen.
Sign Up Date 05/12/2003 02:05:21 AM
Last Seen Logged In 03/22/2008 08:03:11 PM
Email GhostOfYoda@massassi.net

Picture of GhostOfYoda
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