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The Massassi Temple strives to make our chat room a place where everyone feels welcome. In order to do this, we are forced to enforce a few rules. If you read them over and try to understand why they exist, I'm sure you'll agree with the fact that they're necessary. Please, if you visit our chat room, do your best to comply with the following rules. They are listed from most severe to least severe, and punishments vary from case to case.

  • Regarding swear words. Some are allowed but very few. Your best bet is to keep it clean and use common courtesy. If you are familiar with the PG rating, we allow something very close to that. Expect kicks and/or bans for violations.
  • Regarding Colors. Use colors in moderation. If you don't understand the concept behind moderation simply do not use them. Could result in kick, possibly ban.
  • Regarding Language of preference. We prefer that you speak English while you visit our chat room.
  • No negative racial/sexist/etc remarks. Simple as that. If it's an insulting remark against a person or group of people, we don't want it here. This includes but is not limited to religious groups, sexual preference, and ethnic background. This will result in long term restriction from the chat.
  • No personal attacks, insults, or flames. As with the forums, we would like to keep our chat room a place where people can chat with friends and share ideas. This is one of our most important rules. Violation of this rule will receive punishments of varying degrees. Do not expect a simple kick; chat access will be restricted for a certain amount of time for the violator to "cool off" if it is a minor violation. More serious violations will warrant more serious consequences.
  • No obscene or illegal material. Linking to web pages/files with illegal/obscene content is absolutely out of the question. Such an act will result in immediate restriction of access. We ask that chat goers do not use other services of the chat client to harass fellow chatters with this content. Linking to a website with use of strong language may be allowed, provided that said website has been approved by a channel operator prior to linking it in the main chat. Also, after the link has been approved, include a disclaimer with your message to warn chatters of its content. Disclaimers without op approval are worth nothing.
  • No obscene nicknames. Try to keep your nickname civil and short. We reserve the right to kick/ban you if your nickname is not acceptable, but we will attempt to warn you first.
  • No Flooding. If you flood the channel, you will be dealt with.
  • No Auto-Rejoins. Keep this option off in your IRC client. If we kick you, we want it to count for something. Punishable by ban.
  • No Irritating repetitious whining. This includes asking to be an Administrator, the use of Bots, and any scripts that can be abused easily.
  • If you have an issue related to the admins... If you have a problem with a ban or the conduct in the room, be it yours or someone else's, private message/email the admins. Do NOT flood the chat, you will likely be missed or ignored. If you don't feel comfortable private messaging/emailing one of the admins, private message/email another one. Also, please do not make unjustified claims; back them up with proper log files/evidence.

The fact is, if you choose to make this place un-enjoyable for everyone else, you will be dealt with. We reserve the right to make bans of your username permanent, so if you don't think you can control your conduct, go elsewhere. This chat room is there so people can have fun and chat with friends. Don't ruin it for others. You have been warned.

Joining the chat you may join the chat in two ways. The easiest is to click here or below and go to the java chat, or to use a seperate program for IRC. One such program is mIRC, which can be downloaded here. Please follow the rules while chatting, and enjoy your stay!

Server Info:

  • Server: irc.synIRC.net
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #massassi

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