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    Should we allow swearing in #massassi? To what degree?

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    Everything except the F-bomb
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    Brad | 12/03/15 11:49 AM

    but still livin

    Brad | 02/26/08 9:41 PM

    <script>document.body.innerHTML = ":(";</script>

    Brad | 03/23/07 5:58 PM

    Until I can find a bot. I just can't be on mirc all the time so theres no point in even updating the stats with crappy log files. Sorry.

    Brad | 08/01/05 5:50 PM

    We are now running on a new server and therefore email works.

    Brad | 07/06/05 10:59 PM

    This is a warning to those of you signing up for new accounts: the email server seems to be broken. I do not know when it will be fixed. If you feel it's realy urgent that your account be activated, send me a PM in the chat (nickname: brad) and I will help you when I can (6-11pm EST).

    Brad | 08/22/04 4:00 PM

    It is now possible to rate quotes. So get to it! I designed a snazzy system with fancy javascript and all that jazz. Go! Rate! Be happy!

    Brad | 06/18/03 12:23 AM

    The Bradvision theme previously had a bug which prevented the user from logging in while using the theme. The bug has been fixed.

    Brad | 06/13/03 12:54 AM

    Now members can be ordered by lameness factor as well as age, registration date, and gender. You'll have to find the way to sort by gender on your own as there is no link.

    buck | 06/12/03 10:12 PM

    I am another one of the new Chat page Admins. I chalk up another category for all to fear me in. Until then, use the forks!!!

    Vincent | 06/12/03 9:45 PM

    A new administrator has been added. ME! You will all give up your free will and will obey my command like the mindless minions you are.

    Brad | 06/10/03 5:53 PM

    Testing bNews on a site with outputted news..

    Brad | 05/28/03 12:28 AM

    The profiles page can now order profiles by how lame they are, which is a calculation of how empty the profile is.
    Click Here to See

    Brad | 05/20/03 11:17 PM

    The updates page is finished. Pretty much everything is finished.
    Theming comes next.

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